Three weeks until Meeting Embedded 2018!

published at 24.10.2018 10:58 by Jens Weller

Its only 3 weeks to go! And Meeting Embedded 2018 will be on its way, starting with a great keynote by Dan Saks!

An Interview with Dan Saks

published at 08.10.2018 19:05 by Jens Weller

Last Friday I had the honor to interview Dan Saks, the keynote speaker of Meeting Embedded 2018!

Student and Late Tickets for Meeting Embedded 2018

published at 18.09.2018 11:41 by Jens Weller

A recent feedback I got for the conference, if student tickets would be available for Meeting Embedded 2018.

Talk and Speaker details released for Meeting Embedded 2018!

published at 28.08.2018 16:57 by Jens Weller

For a few days now you could get a peak at what Meeting Embedded 2018 will offer, now the full details are online!

Releasing the schedule for Meeting Embedded 2018

published at 14.08.2018 11:07 by Jens Weller

With today, the full schedule is released for Meeting Embedded 2018.

Embedded & Arduino User Group meetings in August 2018

published at 01.08.2018 10:29 by Jens Weller

The monthly overview on upcoming User Group meetings in the embedded field. More details in the overall group listing.

Final talk submission deadline

published at 31.07.2018 11:32 by

A short reminder, that today is the final deadline for submitting your talk to Meeting Embedded 2018!

Schedule preview and one new talk

published at 17.07.2018 11:03 by Jens Weller

A first preview for the schedule of Meeting Embedded 2018 is available! It seems that there are enough talks, to have a full day of 30 minutes talks on embedded topics!

Two new talks for Meeting Embedded 2018

published at 10.07.2018 10:37 by

Slowly the program of Meeting Embedded 2018 is taking shape! Today I have the honor to announce two more talks!

Embedded & Arduino User Group meetings in July 2018!

published at 03.07.2018 14:28 by Jens Weller

This is the first time, that an overview on upcoming Meetings for User Groups with a focus on Embedded development is shared. This listing for now includes active User Groups on Meetup, of which I could find 16 in a first search. Many more probably will become active again after the summer, so this is just a first list of whats out there. The groups I found are all around the globe.

A first set of talks

published at 19.06.2018 10:27 by

Today I can give you an update on the planned program for Meeting Embedded 2018. It will be still a while until I can release a preliminary schedule, but lets have a first look, on the first 3 accepted talks:

JetBrains is the first Gold Sponsor

published at 24.04.2018 18:16 by Jens Weller

Today JetBrains, well known maker of developer tools joined as the first gold sponsor for Meeting Embedded 2018!

Meeting Embedded 2018: call for talks

published at 17.04.2018 10:27 by

This years Meeting Embedded is a completly new conference, and up to 9 talks are planned. Each talk will be 30 - 60 minutes long, so its not so much to prepare then for other conferences, where talks are an hour to 90 minutes.

Tickets for Meeting Embedded are available!

published at 10.04.2018 12:21 by Jens Weller

Two weeks ago Meeting Embedded was announced, now the first batch of tickets is available!

Announcing Meeting Embedded 2018!

published at 28.03.2018 10:02 by

Meeting Embedded will be an embedded focused one day conference on the November of 2018 in the Andels Hotel!

The job board is online!

published at 20.03.2018 11:34 by

The job section is now online at Meeting Embedded. You can add your own jobs by submitting your positions over this form.

Meeting Embedded at emBO++

published at 09.03.2018 10:47 by Jens Weller

While emBO++ starts today, I'm only able to attend on Saturday, so see you tomorrow in Bochum!

Meetingembedded: Website launch

published at 29.06.2017 18:50 by Jens Weller

Happy to launch today the website for Meeting Embedded! This website will cover news, blogs and user groups for the embedded and IoT space.