Embedded & Arduino User Group meetings in July 2018!

published at 03.07.2018 14:28 by Jens Weller

This is the first time, that an overview on upcoming Meetings for User Groups with a focus on Embedded development is shared. This listing for now includes active User Groups on Meetup, of which I could find 16 in a first search. Many more probably will become active again after the summer, so this is just a first list of whats out there. The groups I found are all around the globe.

Currently I could find 16 active User Groups: Arduino Düsseldorf/Köln/Bonn, Arduino Münster, Bend Arduino Group, Arduino & Elektronik Fablab Zürich, Paris Embedded, Los Angeles Embedded Security, Embedded GNU/Linux Zürich, Bangalore Embedded, Austin Arduino, Arduino Belo Horizonte, Arduino Minneapolis, Costa Mesa Makers, Arduino Phoenix, Arduino San Diego, Sydney Arduino, Bellingham Arduino.

The Meetings