Releasing the schedule for Meeting Embedded 2018

published at 14.08.2018 11:07 by Jens Weller

With today, the full schedule is released for Meeting Embedded 2018.

It will feature 10 talks and a keynote by Dan Saks! A full day of embedded & IoT, with a focus on software development. The conference will provide you with lunch and the opportunity to exchange with attendees and speakers during the breaks. A current stretch goal is, to host a set of lightning talks in the evening.


Lets have a look at the program. Dan Saks will kick off the day with a keynote on embedded, he is a well known author and speaker, so we'll be having a great start.

All following talks will be 30 minutes presentations on embedded topics, followed by a 5 minute break for switching speakers.

The talks start with Continuous Integration of C/C++ for embedded and IoT with Jenkins, Docker and Conan by Diego Rodriguez-Losada and Daniel Manzaneque, showing a possible toolchain integration for embedded & IoT. Then Wouter van Ooijen - last years Meeting C++ Keynote speaker on embedded - will speak why We stopped teaching C, a talk focused on how to teach embedded, and why C is not the right choice anymore. Then Rainer Grimm is speaking about the different Guidelines for C and C++ in embedded, and what he thinks should apply today.

Lunch will be in the Restaurant area of the Andels hotel.

The day continues with Daniel Penning speaking on the mapping between code, performance and MCUs. As my own background is C++, reaching into other communities for embedded is not that easy. But as there is an embedded working group for rust, I thought, maybe somebody would like to give a talk about rust on embedded? And so we'll get to listen to Jonathan Pallant speaking about Remoteprocs in Rust. Next Paul Targosz will tell us How to mock in the 21st Century for embedded software and its devices. Its hard to do unit tests or any other automated testing for embedded, when your system does not offer the additional resources a testing library needs.

Would you like to learn about Arduino? Because Dafna Mordechai will tell us how to Spread the Love for IoT - How I Created a Full-Day IoT Workshop. As there is lots of Arduino focused User Groups, I was still looking for a talk on this topic, so thanks to Dafna for reaching out! After you learned about Arduino you might want to know about ... A Possible Future of Embedded Software Development, Odin Holmes will speak on his vision for embedded software dev! There is a new MQTT standard, which got released earlier this year, thanks to Maurice Kalinowski we get to know the details in Turning MQTT v5 inside out.

The conference then closes with myself giving a short talk on What is embedded? A question which I debated with many folks over this year, as also many asked what is Meeting Embedded? Well I hope the day already answered that question ;)

Want to attend? Tickets are available in the ticket shop!