Schedule preview and one new talk

published at 17.07.2018 11:03 by Jens Weller

A first preview for the schedule of Meeting Embedded 2018 is available! It seems that there are enough talks, to have a full day of 30 minutes talks on embedded topics!

Currently I'm not sure if there will be 9th talk, or if one talk is a one hour slot. Both could be nice. There are still some slots which are right now not decided, so if you'd like to speak at the event submit your talk within the next two weeks. I asked for a talk on rust and embedded, and last week 2 talks have been submitted, not sure which one will get accepted.

One new Talk

Last week two new talks were announced, as the slots get less, this week its only one talk:

This is a very good addition to the program, which for now lacked a talk on tooling!