Student and Late Tickets for Meeting Embedded 2018

published at 18.09.2018 11:41 by Jens Weller

A recent feedback I got for the conference, if student tickets would be available for Meeting Embedded 2018.

Which right now they aren't, and unlike Meeting C++ I can't offer them for free yet. So if you're a student, please contact me via jweller@meetingemb...<dot>com, then I will give you a 50% discount code. Also please contact me if your employer would be interested in sponsoring tickets for students!

Late Tickets

In order to plan the further details of the event, I have to know how many attendees are to be attending. It really helps the event planning if you have your ticket 4 weeks in advance, and from November 1st only late tickets will be available with price of 399€ instead of 299€.