Two new talks for Meeting Embedded 2018

published at 10.07.2018 10:37

Slowly the program of Meeting Embedded 2018 is taking shape! Today I have the honor to announce two more talks!

First, a talk on the new version of MQTT. Maurice works for the Qt Company and has published various blog posts on the intersection of Qt, embedded & IoT! He is an experienced developer in C++ and Qt, but his talk will focus on the new MQTT 5 Standard, and what an embedded dev can learn from it.

And Odin Holmes will talk about his vision, where should embedded software dev go? Odin is a well known speaker in the C++ world, who successfully showed that TMP and C++ can be applied to embedded development. He is one of the founders of EmBo++, an embedded C++ conference in Bochum. This is his talk description:

Through the much-hyped advent of Industry 4.0 and IoT, billions of new bare metal devices will be connected to the internet or intranets and will be expected to talk to each other, even across company boundaries. This presents a plethora of new challenges, many of which share a common root; it is crucial that we build a foundation for code reuse and encapsulation of expertise in this domain.

In this talk, I will present the vision of a small group of bare metal experts who have come together to fundamentally rethink the entire technology stack, best practices, and paradigms we use to program bare metal systems. What does cross-platform code really mean when we are targeting thousands of 'platforms'? When encapsulating expertise, we implicitly make assumptions about user code and user code implicitly makes assumptions about library code. What are valid assumptions? What is the basic interface? In this talk, I will present a possible future for bare metal development which attempts to answer these questions.

With this 5 of 8 possible talks at Meeting Embedded are listed. A first schedule should be up in early August.

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