Announcing Meeting Embedded 2018!

published at 28.03.2018 10:02

Meeting Embedded will be an embedded focused one day conference on the November of 2018 in the Andels Hotel!

Meeting Embedded in Berlin

The goal is to focus on the many different things that embedded can be, but keep a focus on soft- and hardware development. The day will begin with a keynote followed up by short 30 minute talks on embedded. As Meeting Embedded is one day in front of Meeting C++ 2018 - the leading european C++ conference - C++ will have a certain presence on the conference. But unlike Embo++, Meeting Embedded has no focus on Embedded C++. There will be a call for talks in April, also companies are welcome to participate as sponsors for this Event!

Tickets will be available in April!



Keynote: Dan Saks

As the roots or Meeting Embedded are also in Meeting C++, I thought that a speaker knowing both sides well - C++ and embedded - would be the ideal way to open the first conference. Thats why Dan Saks will be the first Keynote speaker of Meeting Embedded! Listen to Dans thoughts on or his CppCast episode!