Meeting Embedded 2018: call for talks

published at 17.04.2018 10:27

This years Meeting Embedded is a completly new conference, and up to 9 talks are planned. Each talk will be 30 - 60 minutes long, so its not so much to prepare then for other conferences, where talks are an hour to 90 minutes.

Submit your talk over this form.

Speaking at Meeting Embedded

First, you should have something to present which is related to embedded and/or IoT. The focus of the conference is on Soft- and Hardware development. But please don't think too much about this, if you think that you have something intersting to say on embedded, then please submit your talk to Meeting Embedded 2018!

Speakers have the ticketfee waved and don't need to register for the event other then submitting your talk.

Your submission

The form asks for a little bit of data, for your talk its the title, description and outline are most important. The title should be kept short, it should not be a long sentence. Abbriviations are fine, especially if they are well known in the field. The description should be 2-3 paragraphs, which tells the attendees what you are talking about. Short and informative. The outline is mostly for the review, its not going to be visible later on the webpage, its just an overview on what you want to cover. As there is a lot of time between the submission and the conference, no one expects you to have a finished talk before submission, matter of fact most of the speakers still write and improve their talks until the last minute. But this gives the reviewers an important feel on what you'd like to cover. A list of bullet points mostly works best. The bio is the few words you'd like us to know about yourself.


Some talks might be accepted shortly after submission, so its good if you submit early, as you are able to edit your talk later on. The first schedule for Meeting Embedded should be ready at the beginning of August, so all submissions will be notified before July if accepted or not.