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Meeting Embedded 2022 live schedule

Welcome to the live schedule of Meeting Embedded 2022

Talks are 30 Minutes, breaks are not listed. Tickets available

You will be able to join the online conference a few minutes before the welcome message.
Times are in , Sessions are 30 minutes.

Meeting Embedded 2020 is hosted under the Berlin Code of Conduct

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Welcome Message

Jens Weller

Scheduled for 13:45

Timetable (CET) [Set your timezone]

5th November 13:45:00 - Jens Weller: Welcome Message

5th November 13:45:00 - Burkhard Stubert: Hexagonal Architecture: The Standard for Qt Embedded Applications

5th November 13:45:00 - Ivica Bogosavljevic: Performance Optimization Techniques for Mobile Devices: An Overview

5th November 13:45:00 - Richard Kaiser: C++17 Polymorphic Memory Resources (pmr) and STL Containers for Embedded Applications

5th November 13:45:00 - Tawaliou ALAO: Embedded development to help young developers improvement: case of C++ developers.

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