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Meeting Embedded 2020 - No raw loops with no OS -- Freestanding on the shoulders of giants

Paul Bendixen

Scheduled for 15:00


One of the fundamental parts of modern C++ is to use the standard library. The C++ standard even provides two versions of the standard library: hosted, the one most of us know and love; and freestanding that has been passed over from C and carries the bare minimum for C++ to be C++.

Proposal P0829 by Ben Craig proposes to add the parts that are useful in C++ and can be done without going to the OS.
Keeping away from OS calls not only enables writing an OS or bare metal system in C++, it also speeds up hosted C++.
The main problem is that there hasn't been any implementations.

Like many good programming stories, this one starts with a personal itch. The avr-gcc has no standard library at all.
This is the story of hacking libstdc++ (the gcc standard library) into an implementation of a proposal and how to use this implementation.

This talk will equip you to better know what parts of the standard library to use in embedded systems and how.

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