Speakers at Meeting Embedded 2019

Maciej Gajdzica

Talk: What could we learn from higher level programmers?

I am embedded systems developer working in Solwit and specializing in safety-critical systems. During the last seven years I worked on various projects ranging from railway traffic control, automotive and medical devices to IoT and smart buildings. I am interested in adapting and spreading good practices among embedded developers who often doesn't follow newest trends. In spare time I write on my blog (in Polish)

Paul Targosz

Talk: What can be done?

Paul Targosz mainly deals with TMP optimizations in C++17 on Bare Metal Systems and is trying to implement a modern approuch of a Hardware-Abstraction-Layer named Alloy-HAL to make less mistakes and get faster code. The computer scientist, who has studied in Dortmund, is passionately dedicated to bus connections with a focus on Ethernet. Today he is using his knowledge on high performance, low latency and TMP on Research Projects at "PROLAB Produkt + Produktion", a division of the local technical university THGA (thga.de) in Bochum and supports the local C++ Usergroup PottCpp (pottcpp.de).

Nikola Jelic

Talk: Dealing with measured physical units in modern C++

Graduated on Faculty of Mathematics, section for Computer Science.

Rich experience in embedded C/C++ and embedded Linux, including fire protection systems, industrial communications' router, industrial automation, etc.

Very curious about functional programming, Haskell in particular. Using functional paradigm whenever possible in C++, which is getting easier with every new version.

Takes great interest in embedded Linux ecosystem: kernel, libraries, communication protocols, build systems, real-time constraints, multimedia, etc.

Diego Rodriguez-Losada

Talk: Develop and deploy C/C++ applications to embedded Linux systems with Yocto

Diego's passions are robotics and SW engineering and development. He has developed many years in C and C++ in the Industrial, Robotics and AI fields. Diego was also a University (tenure track) professor and robotics researcher for 8 years, till 2012, when he quit academia to try to build a C/C++ dependency manager and co-founded a startup.. Since then he mostly develops in Python. Diego is a conan.io C/C++ package manager co-creator and maintainer, now working at JFrog as senior SW engineer and C/C++ advocate.

Brennan Ashton

Talk: Develop and deploy C/C++ applications to embedded Linux systems with Yocto

Brennan Ashton has a background in electrical and computer engineering, and has spent over 10 years working in the embedded Linux space. He has previously worked for startups in the industrial connectivity and home automation spaces. In his spare time he has been working with software defined radios and digital satellite communications leveraging FPGAs and GNU Radio writing software mainly in C/C++, Python and Verilog. He currently works as the technical team lead for IoT at JFrog.

Frank Mertens

Talk: Heap memory management: Overcoming fragmentation fears

Frank Mertens is a professional freelance software engineer. Frank is holding a master's degree in Multimedia Engineering from Wismar University. Hacking C++ since the late 90-ies he worked in varied fields from optical technology, machine automation, aerospace and automotive technology. Frank's current focus is embedded touch solutions based on embedded Linux and machine automation bus systems. Current technologies he is employing are QtQuick, CANopen and buildroot. Frank loves to create fully integrated, performant and user-friendly solutions. He is a SCRUM master and well-versed software architect creating maintainable software systems with high levels of test coverage.  

Pawel Wisniewski

Talk: Callbacks - a cost-benefit comparison

Pawel is involved in software engineering since many years. He was developing software for desktop as well as Microcontrollers and FPGAs. Besides software development he helps with improving software development processes, by incorporating and improving engineering practices in day to day work. He was involved in creating continuous integration infrastructures, optimization of build processes, test automation and automation of repeatable tasks.

Jonathan Pallant

Talk: IoT with Rust and the nRF9160 - more secure and lower power!

Jonathan is a Senior Consultant at 42 Technology, based just outside Cambridge, England. He is a strong proponent of the Rust Programming Language, member of the Rust Programming Language Embedded Working Group and founder of the Cambridge Rust Meetup. Jonathan has a MEng in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Warwick, and has been treading the fine line between "software" and "hardware" ever since.

Daniel Penning

Talk: Generic programming for the masses

Daniel studied electronical engineering and is the founder of embeff, a startup which brings the benefits of modern software engineering practices to the embedded world.

He has more than 10 years professional experience in different areas of software engineering but is really fascinated by the specific requirements of embedded systems.

Emil Fresk

Talk: Rust and the RTFM scheduler: The future of embedded programming

Emil has been immersing himself in electronics, programming, and drones for the past ten years. His love for seeking solutions to technical problems laid the foundation for WideFind’s technologies.

After finishing his M.Sc. he spent the first years of his Ph.D. studies deepening his theoretical knowledge in control engineering, including flight control hardware and software, and self-learning flight controllers. He then proceeded to specialize in estimation algorithms and numerical solvers for optimal control of drones. During his Ph.D. studies, Emil both co-founded WideFind and worked on schedulers for embedded microprocessors that incorporated C++ metaprogramming for the Compile Time Reactive Scheduler (crect) and Rust macros for the Real Time For the Masses scheduler (RTFM). Today Emil is also part of the Embedded Working Group of the Rust programming language.

James Munns

Talk: Embedded Rust and Serde: A Love Story

James Munns is an Embedded Engineer who has worked on systems ranging from Safety Critical Avionics to Rapidly Prototyped IoT systems. During the day James is a Managing Director and Embedded Systems engineer at Ferrous Systems GmbH.