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Meeting Embedded aims at providing similar services to the IoT and Embedded world as Meeting C++ does for the C++ community.

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Meeting Embedded 2021

Meeting Embedded 2021 will be at the 4th November online, hosted in hubilo. Meeting Embedded will be a mix of talks and conversations about embedded, all inside a great conferencing software which allows you to exchange with other attendees on the embedded topics of your interest.

Talks and Speakers of Meeting Embedded 2021:

The conference will also feature an embedded AMA with Odin Holmes!


The event will start at 13:45 and go until 19:00.

13:45 - General Conference Start
14:00 - Welcome Message
14:20 - AMA with Odin Holmes
15:00 - Burkhard Stubert - Hexagonal Architecture: The Standard for Qt Embedded Applications
16:00 - Ivica Bogosavljevic - Performance Optimization Techniques for Mobile Devices: An Overview
17:00 - Richard Kaiser - C++17 Polymorphic Memory Resources (pmr) and STL Containers for Embedded Applications
18:00 - Tawaliou Alao - Embedded development to help young developers improvement: case of C++ developers

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Meeting Embedded Blogroll 218

published at 05.08.2022 11:38 by Jens Weller

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published at 29.07.2022 11:39 by Jens Weller

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Meeting Embedded News

Talk videos from Meeting Embedded 2021

published at 16.11.2021 10:25 by Jens Weller

Two weeks ago Meeting Embedded 2021 was happening as an online event. The AMA with Odin Holmes was not recorded, but the 4 talks from the event are now published on the Meeting C++ youtube channel.

Releasing the Schedule for Meeting Embedded 2021

published at 25.10.2021 16:49 by Jens Weller

Final preparations are on going with next weeks Meeting Embedded 2021. Releasing the schedule for the event today!

The program for Meeting Embedded 2021

published at 19.10.2021 11:48 by Jens Weller

Publishing the program for this years Meeting Embedded conference!

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Embedded Jobs

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Modern C++ development for embedded telecom/fiber-optic systems

published at 19.03.2021 17:01 by

Location: Carnaxide

Senior Embedded C++ Engineering

published at 12.03.2021 13:57 by

Location: Treviso, Prague, Amsterdam

Embedded Software Engineer for high-end 3D cameras

published at 22.11.2019 11:13 by

Location: Oslo, Norway

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